Dry cleaning and Laundry

An entirely eco-friendly system, the system used by us is not only chemical-free but offers significantly higher energy-efficiency than traditional machines. The system reduces energy by weighing the garments and auto-dosing accordingly, while the drier measures moisture and sets a precise drying time. An innovative dry cleaning process, it is 100% non­toxic, biodegradable, safe for allergy and eczema sufferers and also babies and children.

Wedding Dresses

We understand how special and precious a wedding dress is, and therefore, we take extreme care while dry cleaning wedding dresses. We will dry clean and fold it in layers of acid-free tissue paper, and return it to you in beautiful packaging. Call us if you want your wedding dress to be dry cleaned carefully and professionally.

Delicate Fabrics

Our Eco Friendly system is particularly kind to beaded and sequinned garments. If these are attached with glue, chemical Dry Cleaning can melt the glue resulting
in total loss of all decoration and it can also strip sequins of their colour.
Our system also provides outstanding results for lace, silk and cashmere.


Laundry & Ironing

We offer an exceptional, hand finished full laundry service.
If you are too busy to iron your shirts, wash and press your bedding etc then look no further.
We also can collect and deliver which is free of charge on all orders over £15